Dorcy LED Torch

Cheapest LED Bulb

Here’s a great hack. KMart is selling these torches for about $3.50 with batteries. The LED in this is fitted to a normal sized bulb fitting, meaning it can be taken out and put directly into any 2 Cell torch, AA, C or D.


It’s a very bright 10mm LED in a normal bulb fitting. No regulator circuitry.

This has to be the cheapest source of LED drop in bulbs for torches I have found. Or you could just use the torch.

The beam is much brighter than a normal 2 cell torch. Runtime would be significant, although I haven’t done a full runtime test. You’ll use far less batteries, better for the environment.

Beam pattern is an average spread.

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  1. doug says:

    Big W sells the 6 V version of the bulb for $3.49. was looking for a 3 V version there, and in other stores – no luck!
    The 6 V bulb pulls about 130 ma of current – good torch bulbs pull about 600 ma, have replaced a couple of them in our house and work torches for maybe 4 times battery life.
    Bought the 10 pack of LED torches from Masters. the 1 AA torch pulls 230ma. Little light output.Save your money and buy one of the K Mart torches mentioned.
    I really want one of the little 1 AA LED torches for a nice price! needs to have beleivable brightness.
    The little IKEA clip on 1 AAA torch pulls 23 ma and is very bright – probably the best value for money at $3. warm white light too!

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