Finally – Reliable Cordless Phones and VOIP on Naked ADSL

When I changed over to Naked ADSL2+ with Internode, I had to sort out a replacement for the home phone. It was a tough journey and about 12mths of problems before I found a reliable combination of devices.

The problems ranged from

  1. Failure to ring
  2. Low Volume
  3. Dropped calls mid call
  4. One way voice
  5. Poor call quality

After 12 mths of drama’s I found only Panasonic DECT handsets where reliable with the VOIP solutions.
I also found that running a “single box” solution is less hassles than “multiple box” solutions.
DECT has a much greater cordless range than most other handsets.

Here are the combinations I tried and the issues associated.


Netgear WNDR5500 + Netgear DM111p + Open Networks 812L VOIP

  1. Rubbish combination, awful reliability, even after warranty replacement.
  2. VERY unreliable, mostly due to router
  3. Telstra DECT and Uniden WDECT = heaps of problems as well
  4. My WNDR3300 review here

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Netgear DG834G v3 + Open Networks 812L VOIP

  1. Very reliable, very stable, but limited features
  2. Reliable with fixed handset
  3. Unreliable VOIP with Telstra DECT and Uniden WDECT Handsets

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Billion 7404VNPX

  1. Single box resolves interop issues on volume and ringing
  2. Took a few firmware versions to improve reliability
  3. Still needs rebooting for DHCP reliability
  4. Fast
  5. First unit was buggy, replaced under warranty
  6. Reliable calls only with Panasonic handsets
  7. Billion recommends only using fixed handsets, not cordless (from their support line and whirlpool)


Cordless Phone Handsets

I prefer to use 1.8GHz DECT handsets where possible, they have MUCH (2x-10x)greater range than 802.11, and don’t use the same 2.4GHz wireless spectrum. 5.8GHz has worse range than 2.4Ghz or 1.8Ghz. Higher frequency = less range.

There seems to be some issues with call stability and cordless handsets. I can only guess from all my testing that it relates to off-hook detection. I played with every setting under the sun, and nothing helped. 12mths of stuffing round to find that Panasonic handsets work well.

  1. Telstra Touchfone T200
    Fixed handset – works well in all circumstances, if the router allows the call in.

  2. Telstra DECT Cordless – Poor quality and hang up problems, poor call quality and cheap handsets.
  3. Uniden WDECT – LOTS of problems with VOIP, don’t bother. AWFUL.
    The problems are twofold. Radio interference is a nightmare, even when seperated by 10+M
    The on/off hook sensing of the router and the base station appear incompatible, hanging up on calls all the time.
  4. Panasonic DECT – Worked well
  5. Panasonic DECT – Works VERY well

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  1. So I take your ‘all in 1’ still emulates a PSTN line for the DECT handsets…. Get with the times…. Use a native 11g SIP handset.

  2. Dean Wallace says:

    Great Solution! I use a very similar solution. Enables you to reuse existing cordless phones at a low cost. Like it 🙂

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