ABS Diagnostic for you 100 Series Landcruiser

  • Connect terminals Tc and E1 of Check Connector (in engine bay) and remove the short pin (normally inserted in bottom right corner).
  • Turn the ignition switch on.
  • Depress the brake pedal 8 or more times within 5 secs.
  • You can now read any DTCs on the ABS Warning Light, but if everything is OK, you get the Normal Code (on-off blink with 0.25 sec intervals).
  • Revert Check Connector to normal.


  • 11=ABS Solenoid Relay Open or Short Circuit
  • 31=Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Malfunction
  • 32=Left Front Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Malfunction
  • 41=Low Battery Voltage or Open IG1 Circuit
  • 49=Brake-light Switch Open Circuit
  • 56=Accumulator Low Pressure Malfunction




6 Responses to “ABS Diagnostic for you 100 Series Landcruiser”

  1. Wazza says:

    did you have a problem with your ABS at all?

    i have an 03 HDJ100R and i have an ABS error code 11.

  2. gavin patterson says:

    I have an engine light and VSC & VSC OFF lights on my dash not going off. On my 100 series VX model V8 petrol landcruiser, Is it the brake accumulater temp? Toyota are telling me its O2 sensors and or cat converter. Toyota are saying it,ll cost $2500 to fix!! Help please.

  3. David says:

    Have same problem, both lights came on at same time. Have replaced air sensor and clened the speed detectors and after 4km, both lights came on again……

  4. Thomasjod Thomasjod says:

    Have any experience with testing the ABS electric motor ?

  5. Ted says:

    Gday Paul have a 2001 100 Series Petrol Landcrusier that throws an intermittent ABS Fault 51 – Open Circuit.

    Reset via pin and pump brake pedal 8 times, but fault continually returns!

    Have re-tighten and cleaned the earth strap in the foot well new the ECU etc.

    Any ideas please?

    Regards Ted (Australia)

  6. Brett says:

    Hi all I have these codes for ABS. 11. 53. 56. 41. 54. 52. So can anyone tell me what they are please. It’s for my 1998 100 series GLX.

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